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Nowadays, more and more people are coming to settle in Spain sometimes to find a job or to set up their business. In effect, Spain is a European country with both an attractive tax policy system and whose administrative, accounting and legal processes are relatively simple and quick to carry out.

Spanish tax details

Even if the EU tends to harmonise taxation amongst their different member states, one could say that Spanish tax is one of the most advantageous in comparison to other European countries. Alongside some lower tax burdens, entrepreneurial appeal has many significant advantages. For example, it's worth noting that companies operating in Spain are neither subject to Annual Flat-Rate Tax nor business tax. As well as this, tax on companies is the only required tax and is one of the lowest in Europe, ranging from 25% to 30% according to the company's profit. Not to mention that the Spanish tax system allows the employer to benefit from 50% exemption rate of the company's taxation.

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