Living in Spain

Influenced by millennia of history and by many different cultures, living in Spain is a truly unique experience and one which really allows you to discover richness and diversity unlike any other. After having been invaded by the Ottoman Empire, then facing global powers or then being torn apart by dictatorship, The Iberian Peninsula is steeped in a profound past yet still remains firmly in the present and looks positively toward the future. Between the sun, the beaches and the mountains, living in Spain is dynamic and offers many opportunities to those who live there Life is Spain provides a unique living environment as well as great benefits for those who emigrate there.

Life in Spain

Amongst the Pyrenees, the Sierra Nevada, the many national parks and beaches, Spain offers a wide variety of activities. With the Mediterranean Sea to the East and the Atlantic Ocean to the West, Spain enjoys a mild climate. In fact, in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona the average temperature is 20°C and can reach up to 40°C in the summer. Thus, living in Spain is undoubtedly pleasant, the people are helpful and live a relaxed lifestyle and the general quality of life is good. Living in Spain is calm and soothing. And due to the economic crisis, Spain can offer many interesting opportunities for entrepreneurs. Now is the time to invest in Spain. With its advantageous tax regime and global accessibility, due to the port and international airport in Barcelona, Spain provides a breeding ground for both entrepreneurs and investment opportunities for expats.

Working in Spain

So, starting a business in Spain presents a number of advantages. The crisis has created numerous market opportunities thus competition has been weakened. Spain has a highly skilled population with smaller salary grids making living in Spain even more enjoyable. Consequently, the weight of salary is much lower than that of a turnover. So, starting a business in Spain has never been quite as simple or as fast.

Emigrating to Spain

In order to emigrate to and then work in Spain, there are several pieces of paperwork that must be completed in order to move freely for an extended period of time throughout Spain. The first is obtaining an NIE which is the Foreigner's ID number. This is a document for the Spanish administrative services and is essential if you're looking for work in Spain, looking for accommodation with the intention of buying, if you're wanting to subscribe to health insurance, to register a vehicle or even to enrol your children in school. Essentially, the NIE is a gateway to integrating into Spanish life.

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