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Working conditions in Spain

The working conditions in SpainIf you want to set up your own business in Spain, here are some characteristics of the Spanish working conditions you should know.

What you need to know about working time, holidays and days off, legal age, working cost, and welfare system in Spain.

Working time

  • The legal duration of working time is weekly 40 hours
  • A working day must not exceed 9 hours, unless there is an agreement between trade unions and managers
  • Overtime must not exceed 80 per year
  • All the hours worked between 10am and 6pm are considered as night-work

Holidays and days off

  • Any worker must have at least 1,5 day off per week
  • Any worker must have 30 day of holidays per year

Legal age

  • A 2011 reform decrease the retirement age down to 65 years (instead of 67)
  • Schooling is obligatory until 15 years old

Working cost

  • The minimum wage is 20 EUR/day, 600 EUR/month or 8.400 EUR/year
  • The average wage is about 1.600 EUR
  • Overtime, week-end or night-work hours payment conditions must be determined by the collective labor agreement of each field
  • Overtime night-work is prohibited

Welfare system

  • Those following case are covered by the social welfare system : sickness, pregnancy, work related accident, unemployment, etc.
  • Social contributions are paid by the employer up to 29.9%
  • The employee also pays social contributions up to 6.35%

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