Tourism in Spain, the world leader.

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Spain is the most dynamic country in the tourism sector. Based on a list of 14 criteria, the World Economic Forum has determined that Spain tourism is the world leader in terms of tourism, being the country with the most dynamic tourism economy.

Spain is one of the main tourist destinations thanks to the many attractions offered by the country. In this sense, it is also important to note that our country is the second in the world with more cities listed as World Heritage Sites. In addition, Spain is the country with the highest number of blue beaches in the entire northern hemisphere. These are just some of the attractions that Spain offers its visitors.

Tourism in Spain

Summarizing the criteria of the World Economic Forum, Spanish tourism is considered the most successful because of its richness and cultural resources, its infrastructures and, finally, its ability to adapt to the digital habits of visitors.

Tourism in Spain is, therefore, the true economic engine of the country, both in terms of image and value. To give you an idea, here are some figures that show that tourism in Spain is an undeniable lever of success if you want to invest in Spain.

The pandemic has affected the economy of all countries in all corners of the world. Spain has not been spared from its effects and, as a result, has experienced a real decline in tourism, despite this, the last few months have seen a great recovery:

  • According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Spain is the safest country in the European Union to travel in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Expanding on the previous point, the Spanish territory in the last month has identified a test positivity rate of no more than 4%, which represents less than 50 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 inhabitants.

  • The country received 5.2 million international tourists last August (112.8% more than in the same month of 2020).

  • The Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, said that the data “consolidate the trend of recovery of international tourism” and the country.

  • In addition, on 30 October the criteria for applying the temporary restriction on travellers from third countries to Spain were modified, including Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Namibia in these exceptions.


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With this data, it is easy to see that tourism in Spain is a sector on which the country depends a lot, so it is doing everything possible to activate it quickly. On the other hand, it is a very interesting niche for investors and entrepreneurs who want to create a business in Spain.

This recovery has been a positive vision for those working in the tourism sector, so the report predicts an exponential increase in the coming months:

  • Minister Reyes Maroto indicates that “the recovery of tourism is underway and will be completed in 2022″.

  • According to the Official Gazette, any traveller vaccinated with their last full dose of vaccine within 14 days prior to arrival is allowed to enter Spanish territory.

  • Unvaccinated children under 12 years of age may travel to Spain without restrictions, as long as they are accompanied by an adult immunized with drugs approved by the EMA or the WHO.

  • Since June 7 of this year, antigen tests have been included as valid for access to the country.

  • Travellers with Covid Digital Certificates will also be able to enter with proof of vaccination, negative test or recovery from the coronavirus.

We can see that the Spanish economy is carrying out all possible strategies to overcome this challenge and recover to be better than ever.

Spain is still one of the best tourist places in the world and it is not too late to book your tickets to spend and enjoy your best summer holidays here.


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Why visit Spain?

Spain is a festive country with flamenco and fiestas, the controversy over bullfighting and bullfighting, culture with its exceptional heritage and varied gastronomy. Occupying most of the Iberian Peninsula, its beaches are as beautiful as its typical villages.

Each region of Spain has its own independence in terms of language (Castilian, Catalan, Valencian, Occitan, Galician, Basque), but also in terms of its strong identity, comparable to that of Brittany or Corsica in France. Every corner of the Spanish kingdom has nothing but treasures to offer, and you will not be disappointed to visit this country for its climate and its richness.

There are a lot of reasons why you should visit this country. Today we are going to give you some of those reasons, so let us guide you and get ready!

1. Enjoy 365 days of beautiful sunshine – better weather than anywhere else.

When you think of Spain, you probably imagine beautiful days with blue skies… and you’re right! and you’re right! Spain has a Mediterranean climate, which means pleasant weather all year round. Summers are hot (or very hot!) and dry. Its geographical location means that at this time of year it has long, sunny days with a duration of about 12 hours. It is also because of this summer heat that the siesta is definitely a necessity in Spain. The afternoons are so hot that you won’t be able to do anything else but take a siesta. And this is well established in the local customs. The days stop from 14:00 hours, and start again from 18:00 hours, when it is less suffocating to go outside.

Also, winters are very mild and rainfall is scarce. Spain is undoubtedly a country to visit in all seasons.


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2. The beach! Enjoy the miles of beach!

Indeed, whether in summer or winter, there is always a place in Spain where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. With its endless miles of coastline, Spain is an ideal place for a beach holiday. On the mainland, you can enjoy the Costa Blanca, the Costa del Sol or the Costa Brava, and on the Balearic and Canary Islands you will find beaches to suit all tastes and budgets: you can play volleyball on Barceloneta beach, surf in San Sebastian or sunbathe in Palma de Mallorca.

In addition, Spain comes out very well in terms of safety, accessibility and good condition of its beaches.

3. Enjoy beautiful scenery

Spain is also a country of exceptional natural wealth. It has magnificent places of great ecological value, such as lakes, mountains, volcanoes, forests, marshes and wonderful cliffs.

4. Spanish food is simply delicious.

Spain and its gastronomy are well known, it is definitely a country to eat, as the country has a huge variety of absolutely delicious foods that are considered the best in the world. Each part of Spain has its own rich history and each region has its own unique cuisine. One of Spain’s most famous traditional dishes are tapas, small snacks, hot or cold, served in bars when you order wine or beer. You can try Tortilla de Patatas, Patatas Bravas, ham, prawns, olives or croquettes. Many bars offer them for free in the evening. Each regional speciality has its own particularity, so you can discover many different flavours.


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5. The best place for the party

Spain is the ultimate party destination. You can go from bar to bar and discover the typical Spanish drinks. Many Spanish cities are known for being party cities all year round. This is particularly true in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, but also on the island of Ibiza, especially famous for its jet-set parties, and finally in the city of Malaga and Marbella in the south of the country. Going out to a Spanish discotheque is almost a must during your stay in Spain.

In Barcelona, music fans can enjoy Sónar, the annual electronic music festival. Similarly, if you ask anyone what the best nightclub in Spain is, you’ll probably get the answer “Pacha” in Ibiza. Founded in 1973, Pacha has become synonymous with style, glamour and celebrity, and has contributed to Ibiza’s reputation as the best place in the world to party.

6. Stay within budget

Spain is considered a low cost destination, with low cost airlines offering cheap flights to major cities, cheap hotels and you won’t have to spend much on food or anything else.

Spain’s larger cities are well connected and many museums in Spain offer free admission on certain days or at certain times of the day. Prices are much lower than in France, both for common goods and for clothing, accessories and shopping of all kinds. Spain’s main cities are full of shops to suit all budgets.

Spanish hostels also prove that tourist accommodation can be stylish and cheap at the same time. You’ll find hostels everywhere with elegant and refined décor to suit all tastes, and an excellent alternative for travellers looking for a local atmosphere.


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