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Reduced Social Security contributions for permanent contracts in Spain!

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Lo-que-no-nos-dicen-de-la-Tarifa-plana-Real-Decreto-ley-3-2014-de-28-de-febrero-IIA new reform, based on the Royal Decree – Law 3/2014, published on March 1st, came into force in order to stimulate economic growth and help create stable jobs to reduce unemployment in Spain.

The Spanish government announced a reduction of 100 euros a month in social contributions for the first two years for companies that recruit new employees regardless of their age on permanent contracts.… Continue reading

A preliminary draft law to support entrepreneurs in Spain

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support-entrepreneurship-in-spainIn February 2013, the Spanish government adopted an array of measures in order to develop and stimulate entrepreneurship in Spain. These measures are a boon for entrepreneurs who enjoy financial and tax benefits for their business in Spain.

The purpose of these measures is to encourage Spanish and foreigners entrepreneurs to invest in Spain. The Spanish government wants to facilitate the entrepreneurship and the employment of young people in Spain.

Four months later, the Spanish government is back with the intention to approve a draft law for entrepreneurs. Indeed, this new draft law to support entrepreneurs includes numerous measures. The purpose of this draft law is to make entrepreneurship more accessible and to encourage young people to start their own business in Spain.Continue reading

Deferred payment of VAT for self-employed entrepreneurs and SMEs in Spain

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new-measure-payment-vat-spainSpanish Minister of Finance and Public Administrations, Cristóbal Montoro, announced that the Spanish government will approve a new measure in March 2013 regarding the payment of VAT for self-employed entrepreneurs and SMEs in Spain.

However, as also announced the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy during the debate on the state of the Nation, this measure will come into force from January 2014.Continue reading

New measures to make easier the entrepreneurship in Spain

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Spanish-Strategy-for-Entrepreneurship-and-Youth-Employment-2013A battery of measures including the reduction of the corporate tax to 15% or reductions of contributions came into force on February 24, 2013 in Spain.

In this article: the new measures that must be put in place by the Spanish government in 2013 are a significant windfall for Spaniards and foreign entrepreneurs who may benefit from even more financial and tax advantages for their business in Spain.

Hereafter the key measures included in the Real Decreto-Ley.Continue reading

Morgan Stanley announces Spain as surprise prediction for 2013

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Invest-Spain-2013The most ambitious businessmen have already thought: where can I invest in 2013?

To create a business abroad you think in Switzerland or in Luxembourg because of a competitive taxation system and low taxes. Why not invest in Spain? According to analysts of the U.S. investment bank Morgan Stanley, Spain will be “one of the potential surprises of 2013″.

Continue reading

Real Estate in Spain: it is time to invest!

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Realestate-8Spanish Real Estate prices have collapsed since 2008 as a result of the burst of the Real Estate bubble.

Spain is currently experiencing a Real Estate crisis unprecedented. After having more than doubled during the first years of 21st century,

Since 2008, prices have already decreased by 15% in Barcelona, 22% in Andalusia and 25% in Baleares and Canarias. According to specialists, the top decrease occurs in the Mediterranean costs area, such as the Costa del Sol, where prices have collapsed by 35%.Continue reading

Spain, strategic location for international trade

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spain, latin america: gate for business and tradeMember of the European Union, Spain has become an advantageous location for global entrepreneurs: it offers a gate to Europa for American entrepreneurs on one hand and a gate to America for European businessmen on another hand.

Spain, a gate to Europa ! Spain counts 46 million inhabitants, unequally distributed over the peninsula. It is the fifth European economy and is one of the most developed countries of the Union. It offers high development and education levels: telecommunication system, highly educated human resources, know-how, top purchasing power, etc.Continue reading

Barcelona, European Economical Center

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Barcelone-centre-économique-européenThe capital of the Spanish region Cataluña points out to be a dynamic business area: the number of entrepreneur starting up a business in Barcelona is constantly increasing.

The city indeed offers numerous assets for business purposes: Barcelona provides a high quality of life to entrepreneurs; it shows an economic dynamism and strong reaction toward the crisis and has a geographical and suitable economic environment for companies.

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