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Discover the advantages to set up businesses in Spain

Open-BusinessHow can Spain attract new entrepreneurs from other countries

Culture, quality of life, access to talented professionals, technology and the opportunities that remain undiscovered make our country an attractive destination for entrepreneurship. Yago Arbeloa, president of the Association of Investors and Entrepreneurs Internet, believes that “the advantages we have are the climate, food and culture. Fancy living in Spain.”

Besides the quality of life, our country is attractive because it is part of the European Union, there is a legal certainty, is a bridge to Latin America and represents a market of 47 million people.

Here Zaryn Dentzel, founder and CEO of Tuenti, believes that “it takes a work of communication and image to value the favorable conditions and success stories.”

Pay attention to local talent. “They produce good science and technology, and are talented and skilled professionals,” explains Güemes. New entrepreneurs can establish their technological bases on national territory and of carrying out recruitment. Due to unemployment, human capital is more accessible and wages are not as high as in other European countries or the United States.

The culture and quality of life of its own in this country also favors, according Dentzel, “a promotion of creativity and the existence of a young and open mind spirit.”

Less obstacles

Reducing paperwork to start a business is one of the traditional claims of entrepreneurs. David Alva, president of CEAJE, ask for bureaucratic simplification calls, time and cost to start a business in spain, more tax breaks and late payment of VAT.

For example, Meinrad Spenger, MÁSmovil CEO, explains that when he founded his first business in 2006 he could not start a business without the passport.

Seizing opportunities

Technology, mobile devices, renewable energy and energy efficiency, biotechnology … These are some sectors that currently have a future and have an easier path to find funding in Spain. Alva says that “you can take in times of crisis. We must find an activity and future demand.” Yago Arbeloa said that “investors are where there are good projects. And in Spain there no doubt.”

Less legislation

François Derbaix is Belgian and has created several companies in Spain, Top Rural Rentalia born in 2000 or in 2003. Now he also invests in Internet business. Our country has allowed him to start from scratch to become an international company. Therefore, “I am very grateful to Spain,” says Derbaix. From his experience highlights are the valid people and the good opportunities that he found, better, even, than in Belgium. But he believes that “laws should be simplified to make Spain a more attractive place to start.

A higher dose of optimism

“It is important to send a message of optimism, now is missing here”, says Zaryn Dentzel, founder of Tuenti. This Californian has seen that Spain is a country to take: “I thought there was an opportunity to create something like Tuenti, and reality has given me reason.” While acknowledging that “the situation was different from now. “Dentzel believes that “the technology sector can play an important role in the economic recovery.” He adds that “with creativity, work and enthusiasm can reach any goal.”

A country with opportunities

The Spanish situation was this: the phone was paid very expensive and customers were dissatisfied. So Meinrad Spenger left Austria and created with his Norwegian partner’s first virtual mobile operator in Spain. “The situation has not changed, but we saw an opportunity and we were lucky”, said Spenger. His experience is so positive: “I am what I am because of Spain. If I had not come, I do not know if it would be an entrepreneur”, he admits. For this professional there are certain features that make this country a good place to set up businesses: a need to create jobs, skilled people, quality of life and leading sectors with business opportunities, such as mobile telephony.

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