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Find out what are the requirements for requesting a invitation letter to Spain

Have you heard about the invitation letter to Spain? If you are planning to visit the country and you have a Spanish relative or friend, this may be one of the ways to facilitate your entry into the territory. But, do you know how to carry out the procedure? Stay with us and find out below!

 What is the letter of invitation to Spain?

The invitation letter to Spain represents a document through which a Spanish citizen or legal resident, requests to host a foreign person to stay in his/her home for a maximum period of 90 days; thus allowing his/her entry to the territory without the need to have a hotel accommodation reservation.

Thus, it is considered as a proposal of invitation made by a person in Spain to a third party outside the country.

In this sense, the person requesting the invitation letter to Spain undertakes to legally take care of the foreigner during his/her stay in the country.


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How can I apply for an invitation letter to Spain?

So, would you like to enter Spain through a letter of invitation? For this, it is important that you take into account that the request must be made by the host person who will receive you in Spain.

In other words, the managers who must request such a letter may be:

  • Spanish citizens of origin

  • Nationals of a member country of the European Union or beneficiaries of the Community regime

  • Community foreigners with legal Spanish residence

Requirements to be met

Now, in order to initiate the procedure for the letter of invitation in Spain, it is necessary that you fulfill certain requirements. These are:

  • Request for issuance of a invitation letter to Spain

  • DNI or NIE of the host person residing in Spain

  • Copy of the guest’s passport

  • Title deed or lease contract proving availability of the dwelling

  • Census of the family unit to verify the number of people living in the dwelling.

  • Payment of the corresponding fee for the number of guests

On the other hand, you must make sure that the letter of invitation request form is duly completed and signed. In the following scheme we show you the essential data that you must take into account for its completion:

The procedure must be carried out at the Police Station of the host’s place of residence, i.e. of the person who signs the letter of invitation to Spain as the applicant. In addition, depending on the locality, it may be necessary to make an appointment in advance.


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 How long is the invitation letter to Spain valid?

The application to the invitation letter to Spain will allow the entry of a foreigner who is outside the European Union for a maximum allowed time of 90 days.

For this reason, tourist or personal trips under this modality should be well organized to avoid future inconveniences that may harm those legally involved.

Regarding the time it may take for this documentation to be approved, it is understood that it will vary depending on the city in which the letter is processed and the volume of applications at the time.

The truth is that, in general terms, the waiting time from the moment the documentation is submitted until approval is obtained by the authorities should not exceed 20 working days.

How much does the invitation letter to Spain cost?

The question that many people ask themselves is: what is the price of the invitation letter to Spain? The fee applied to this procedure may vary from one year to another.

However, currently, the administrative fee for this request is 75.05 euros, 6.48 euros for the issuance of the letter, and 6.48 euros for each guest.

Is it possible that the letter of invitation to Spain will be denied?

Once you have provided all the requested documentation, all that remains is to wait for the approval of your letter of invitation. It is important to understand that the answer may be affirmative or, in the worst case, negative.

In other words, applying for this procedure does not ensure entry into Spanish territory. The authorities will evaluate your application and in case of denial will be motivated and expressed the resources that apply for making that decision.

The main reasons that may cause a letter of invitation to Spain to be denied are:

  • Failure to provide any of the requested data, or lack of veracity of the same.

  • Failure to comply with the requirements set forth in Article 28.3 of the Regulations of Organic Law 4/2000.

In this way, if you consider that the answer was not fair and you really deserve the letter, you could try an administrative appeal, during the month following the notification.

This action is usually worthwhile in rare cases, such as the absence of a document, for reconsideration; otherwise, it could only cause inconvenience to the host.

It is understood that it is possible that the inviting person may receive a legal warning that could become a serious crime or administrative infraction, if the invited person decides to stay in the country in an irregular manner.

Before carrying out any procedure in Spain, it is important that you are properly informed about each of the requirements and steps to follow in order to guarantee a favorable response and avoid inconveniences before the law.


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