Recruitment: 3 ways to find the right one

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Recruitment: 3 ways to find the right one

The recruitment process is an essential part of a company’s success. That is why the Human Resources Department or the company’s Board of Directors must have a critical eye to select the human capital that will allow them to create a competitive and efficient organization. But, how to find the right people?

In this article you will find relevant information about the steps to follow to recruit your ideal team, as well as several websites that you can use to support you in doing so. Are you ready to learn about them? Read on.

The recruitment process

First of all, we summarize this process in 7 steps to follow, which you can take into account when hiring staff.

  1. Define job requirements

Establish what the recruitment objectives are, as well as the characteristics of the position to be filled and the profile of the person desired.

  1. Defines the remuneration to be granted

In order to do so, you must respect current jurisdictions such as minimum wage or mandatory benefits.

  1. Choose the type of employment contract

You must indicate the type of contract you have chosen. These can be: the CDI (permanent contract), the CDD (fixed-term contract) or an employment contract for an intern.


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  1. Write the job offer

Be sure to specify the points mentioned above and emphasize the benefits of working on your business or project.

  1. Candidate Selection

To process applications efficiently, we recommend that you complete the following steps:

  • Sorting applications (CVs and cover letters)

  • Review applications for the post

  • Interview the successful applicant

  1. Complies with the obligations associated with contracting

Once you have hired the right employee it is important that you comply with the legal obligations you have as a company with your employees. Some of these obligations are:

  • Single declaration of employment

  • Registration with pension funds

  • Registration with the occupational physician

  • Establishment of payroll, among others.

  1. Integrate the new employee

Facilitates their incorporation into the work team so that they can adapt quickly and find their place and functionality within the company.


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Means of recruitment

Although most companies use traditional means, in recent years new technological tools have appeared that facilitate this process. Here is a small comparison of each type.

The traditional method of recruitment

Traditionally, companies have used the recruitment method of “outbound marketing” to advertise their job offers. For them they rely on media such as:

  • Media and non-media advertising: Press, radio, among others.

  • Email and SMS campaigns

  • Point-of-sale advertising

New means of recruitment

Although it may seem simple, finding the right people for the positions to be filled takes time and dedication. Sometimes candidates are not qualified enough, have certain salary requirements or simply don’t fit the company culture.

For this reason, limiting yourself to traditional methods can be ineffective or even overdue. In recent years, we have seen more and more forms of recruitment in the digital world.

It is there where several websites emerge, which help us to see multiple options when hiring as well as streamline the recruitment process. Have you used some of them? Here are our favorites:


Indeed is available in over 50 countries and in over 28 languages. It offers a variety of job postings and allows employers to post recruitment ads and have their own company page.


You’ve probably also heard of LinkedIn: the professional social network par excellence for recruitment, thanks to the numerous CVs that can be found there.

It is oriented to business use and job search. It allows you to publish information about your projects or topics related to your guild, as well as to access the profiles of the professionals you are interested in.

In addition, applicants can set up alerts and notifications so that if they are interested in your business, they will be notified when new listings are posted.


Monster has one of the largest job posting databases with a convenient management system and the option of automated responses.

There is a wide variety of offers especially in the field of marketing and offers thousands of job options to candidates. The interface is intuitive and complete, there you can find video presentations of projects and also sections for company profiles.


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What can we conclude?

In addition to websites, it is also important to take into account that social networks are booming. In fact, job search methods have evolved on the Internet and social networks are now quite privileged channels.

Most companies use both traditional and modern recruitment methods. HR professionals are gradually abandoning old media such as radio or newspapers, mainly because of their cost and difficulty of precise targeting.

In this way, traditional recruitment is increasingly taking a back seat and these websites are taking centre stage, streamlining processes and optimising the search for the ideal employee.

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Published on par Jonatan Carbonell

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