Real Estate in Spain: Why Invest in Madrid

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madridReal estate investment is an attractive one for many reasons. Matthias Naumann reveals why Spain, more specifically Madrid, provides a great location in which to do so.

Why is real estate in Spain the new place to invest?

Matthias Naumann of Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, the German benchmark in terms of Real Estate Investment, recently took part in a very interesting interview for the magazine “Business Immo” (Real Estate Business).

For instance, he revealed some reasons as to why it would be wise to invest in Spanish property and why it is less and less wise to do so in France or England.

At the end of December, the Head of Investment Strategy for Europe at “Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management” (AWM) carried out an interview with “Business Immo” magazine in which he proved that Paris and London are no longer the places in which to invest from a real estate point of view.

In this interview, he mainly advises that investing in Spanish property is the most desirable investment at the present due to the country’s economic situation.

Indeed, as you will see in the article itself, all indicators point towards investment in real estate in Spain. The country recorded a positive economic growth of +3% so there is real potential for value creation. In addition to this statement, Matthias Naumann also highlights that Madrid as a city offers the most opportunities and prospects in terms of investment.

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Matthias also reveals that Central Paris is much too expensive for the general business office market. He suggests to invest elsewhere and obtain assets in the logistics market. However, in contrast to England and especially to London and in despite of the sluggish French economy, the logistics market inside of Paris remains an attractive investment due to the 6% minimum rate of return. So, if you are indeed considering investing in this market, it is definitely a good deal.

Published on par Jonatan Carbonell

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