Intra-Community VAT number

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Intra-Community VAT numberWhat is an intra-Community VAT number?

Are concerned all European companies subject to VAT in a Member State which, as part of its trade exchanges with a company located in another Member State, has a tax identification number called intra-Community VAT number.

Intra-Community VAT number used to charge VAT in Europe but also allows the exemption from VAT when invoicing. In this case, must appear on the invoice your intra-Community VAT number and that of your client. Remember, it is essential that your business, as well as the business of your client, is located in the European Union.

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15 reasons to set up your business in Spain

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start-your-business-in-SpainYou want to set up your business in Spain? But, before you start, you still have some doubts remain?

You certainly said: “The crisis in Spain has weakened the market, the economic situation is critical, there is no opportunity to seize, and it is not the right time to start a business in Spain.” We will demonstrate in 15 points why it is advisable to create your company in Spain, all your doubts will be dispelled and you can finally get started on your entrepreneurship project with complete peace of mind! Read more

Morgan Stanley announces Spain as surprise prediction for 2013

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Invest-Spain-2013The most ambitious businessmen have already thought: where can I invest in 2013?

To create a business abroad you think in Switzerland or in Luxembourg because of a competitive taxation system and low taxes. Why not invest in Spain? According to analysts of the U.S. investment bank Morgan Stanley, Spain will be “one of the potential surprises of 2013″.

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Creation of holding companies in Spain: the advantages of the ETVE

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holding-spainThe Spanish ETVE  is a holding company even  more advantageous than traditional Dutch and Luxembourgish holding companies.

Dividends remitted to a Spanish holding company by foreign subsidiaries are exempt from   taxation.  Be   aware   that  this kind  of   company  takes   advantage   of  the   most attractive European tax system with an exemption on profits from foreign subsidiaries which may arise from the  distribution of dividends or capital gains from the sale of investments.

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Discover the advantages to set up businesses in Spain

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Open-BusinessHow can Spain attract new entrepreneurs from other countries

Culture, quality of life, access to talented professionals, technology and the opportunities that remain undiscovered make our country an attractive destination for entrepreneurship. Yago Arbeloa, president of the Association of Investors and Entrepreneurs Internet, believes that “the advantages we have are the climate, food and culture. Fancy living in Spain.”

Besides the quality of life, our country is attractive because it is part of the European Union, there is a legal certainty, is a bridge to Latin America and represents a market of 47 million people. Read more

The Spanish crisis from a different point of view

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Crisis, unemployment, debt, premium risk… it seems impossible to detach Spain from these words. However, if we pay closer attention, Spain is a country full of opportunities!

5 steps to create your brand

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Markets are crowded, so you must distinguish yourself from the competition. A brand will be the set of characteristics that constitute the identity of your product or service and that will help you stand out from the rest. In the following article you will see the steps to create your brand.

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Non-Residents Taxation in Spain

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Tax-iStock_000015074734Large1Taxation : who is considered as a Spanish non-resident?

In order to determine the tax residence of an individual or company, several factors must be evaluated. I encourage you to read this article dealing with the tax residence. You will find in this article some interesting information. If you do not match with these terms, then you are a Spanish tax non-resident.

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Real Estate in Spain: it is time to invest!

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Realestate-8Spanish Real Estate prices have collapsed since 2008 as a result of the burst of the Real Estate bubble.

Spain is currently experiencing a Real Estate crisis unprecedented. After having more than doubled during the first years of 21st century,

Since 2008, prices have already decreased by 15% in Barcelona, 22% in Andalusia and 25% in Baleares and Canarias. According to specialists, the top decrease occurs in the Mediterranean costs area, such as the Costa del Sol, where prices have collapsed by 35%. Read more

VAT rates in Spain

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 VAT rates in SpainUnder the pressure of the European Union and the International Monetary Funds, VAT rates in Spain are to be increased from 1st September 2012.

In Spain, the Value Added Tax, more commonly known as VAT, is charged directly to the consumer when purchasing new product. There are three different rates of VAT in Spain: the standard rate, reduced rate and super-reduced rate. Read more

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