Internal corporate communication: best practices

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Establishing a good strategy focused on internal business communication represents a key point for the success of any organization. Are you interested in achieving the highest productivity and profitability in your business? Stay with us and discover the best practices that you can apply today!

What is internal corporate communication?

The internal communication process in a company refers to the transmission and distribution of relevant information within a corporate environment.

In this sense, it is understood that communication represents a fundamental resource that allows integrating the human team and improving working conditions and results. Therefore, the exchange of messages can take place in two ways:

  • Vertically: between leaders and the led

  • Horizontally: between employees belonging to the same hierarchical level

Importance of internal corporate communication

As you may have already noticed, taking into account internal business communication can offer numerous benefits to your company, such as the following:

Increases productivity

The better the communication and the clearer the guidelines in the different business departments, the more employees will feel integrated and the more efficiency and productivity will tend to increase, which in the long run will become a plus point in your business.

Decreases staff turnover

Staff turnover should be avoided at all costs within organizations, and you may ask why? Simple! Retaining employees increases commitment and therefore efficiency in performing their jobs.

On the other hand, by working in a mechanical way, the employee does not identify with the company and therefore does not watch over its growth.

Efficiency and problem solving

Being decisive is one of the qualities most valued by entrepreneurs today. We live in a world in constant change, so having qualified personnel and providing them with the right information will be essential for the success of your company.

Creates a sense of belonging

By fostering good internal communication and sharing corporate values within your work team, it is more likely that your employees will identify with your actions and work together to achieve the required objectives of their own free will.

Reduces the creation of rumors

Communicating and keeping your staff updated is the key that will allow you to reduce rumors or business gossip within your organization. Therefore, make sure you are transparent and create a link with the people in your team so that they know how to identify relevant news in your company.


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Key practices to improve internal corporate communication

So, have we convinced you to boost communication within your company? Here are 6 practices that will help you improve your internal actions:

Listen to your team

Your employees are that fundamental piece that will help you to know how the company is really working.

For this reason, taking their opinions into account is the best alternative you can choose to find out what aspects you could improve, which are the most faulty processes, or even learn about a collective dissatisfaction and be able to take actions to improve the work environment.

After listening carefully to the business needs that your team makes known, you can proceed to create a strategic plan that helps you address each of them.

Stimulates clear communication

They say that less is more, and the same is true in the communication process. But by this we do not mean that you communicate less with your company, but that you establish simple dialogues that can reach and be understood in the same way in all departments of the organization.

Likewise, workers in different areas must take into account who they are addressing and try to convey their messages to the team in a clear way so that the objectives are achieved.


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Be transparent

The more honest you are within your company, the more receptive your internal audience will be, and with that, increasing productivity will be a simple task.

That is to say, you must recognize the importance of communicating the news that happens within the company, no matter if it is “bad” news or “good” news; you must gain the trust of your team and keep them alert in case of future procedures to be implemented or organizational changes.


One of the practices that guarantees effective internal corporate communication is to include flexibility in cases where it is necessary. This avoids conservative policies that do not allow actions to be taken to adapt to the changes that occur in our environment.

It is important to understand that being flexible does not mean avoiding rules; it represents the ability to understand the work environment and act efficiently when circumstances warrant it.

Use a variety of communication channels

The digital era has brought to light multiple forms of communication within companies. So what should we do in this case? Take advantage of each channel to convey messages to our team strategically.

To do so, you can rely not only on conferences and face-to-face meetings, but also distribute emails and create audiovisual and/or multimedia material that allows you to provide information in a different way through internal channels.

Labor recognition

The success of your company is largely due to the work and effort invested by your employees. So, if their work has been productive and goals are being met, what better way to let them know than by recognizing their work?

Publicly recognizing the efforts made during the month is one of the most recommended practices today, as it helps employees feel more valued and motivated in their jobs.


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Published on par Jonatan Carbonell

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