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Insurance for foreigners in Spain

The Spanish territory, because it belongs to the Schengen zone, has some fundamental requirements for foreigners to enter the country, among these is to have a medical insurance that guarantees a coverage of 30,000 euros for illness, accident or death. But how to make sure, and what insurance is necessary to reside in Spain? find out below.

Insuring as a foreigner in Spain

Spain attracts a large number of foreigners to visit the country due to its climate and culture. In addition, its quality of life and public health, in the last decade has increased the number of foreigners who have chosen to reside, buying real estate and personal property.

Many insurance companies are using this to their advantage and are trying to win new customers through new offers for the convenience of residents in Spain.

Currently, the market is full of profitable offers with different needs and conditions both for foreigners traveling as tourists and for those who are going to reside for study, work or looking for new opportunities.

There are specialized agencies that are aware of the new solutions and benefits with insurers and that help the person to choose between the different contracts, analyzing and offering the best option to their clients. And they help foreigners who do not speak Spanish with bilingual advisors who are in charge of explaining the peculiarities of each insurance.


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Most important travel insurances

The most important insurance for traveling to any place is medical insurance or in case of accidents, it may even be mandatory to enter certain territories. Many countries have excellent public health with unlimited access for any person and the WHO (World Health Organization) regulates and promotes that countries offer and improve their medical offer respecting the fundamental rights of people.

In the case of Spain specifically, all foreigners, residents and non-residents, have the right to health and health care, however, it is necessary to have a medical insurance that guarantees 30,000 euros of contribution, in case of certain expenses derived from a health problem.

Schengen visa insurance

To put you in context, we explain in this video what the Schengen Visa is.


Obtaining the Schengen insurance allows us to obtain the visa to travel through these 26 countries for a maximum of 3 months without having to make additional arrangements for each of them.

This travel insurance policy is a mandatory requirement for those applying for a Schengen visa, regardless of whether it is for business, tourism, study, vacation or any other reason.

There are only two travel insurance companies that provide the mandatory certificate of insurance required to apply for a Schengen visa, AXA Schengen and Europ Assistance and their price depends on the number of days the person stays in the area.

Schengen insurance covers emergencies, emergency evacuation, return of a minor, kidnapping, loss or damage to baggage, trip cancellation, trip interruption or delay, pregnancy expenses (during the first trimester only), funeral and death expenses in case of accident, injury, illness or disability presentations, as well as expenses in case of repatriation of the body.

The policy does not cover expenses in case of pre-existing illnesses, suicide, death due to high-risk activities, dangerous territories due to war or natural disasters or cases where the person abuses substances such as alcohol or drugs.


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Mandatory insurance if you want to reside in Spain

If you are thinking of moving to Spain, keep in mind that there are certain circumstances in which it is mandatory to have insurance. These are activities, actions or events that can put our physical integrity or that of the people around us at risk. Below we will tell you which insurance policies are mandatory or essential if you want to live in Spain:

Medical insurance

As mentioned above, Spain, being part of the Schengen zone countries, requires that the person has a medical insurance that covers at least 30,000 euros, in case of any emergency or accident, whether a student or a worker.

Life and accident insurance

This insurance can be confused with medical insurance, but it covers expenses related to death, funeral expenses of the person and in case of repatriation of the body.

Vehicle insurance

If you own a car or are thinking of acquiring it as the owner, it is necessary to have an insurance policy in case of an accident or collision with another vehicle, covering not only the damages we have caused to our car but also those we have caused to third parties.

The penalty for not having a valid vehicle insurance can be between 600 and 3,000 euros, depending on whether the vehicle was in circulation at the time, the type of vehicle, the seriousness of the infraction, the length of time without insurance and whether there has been a repeat offence.

Travelers insurance

In case you travel by public transportation, you must have this insurance to cover expenses for temporary or permanent disability and death caused by traveling by public transportation.

Mortgage insurance

If you have bought a property and you do not have it in your name, it is necessary to have an insurance in case of damages or surety that must be subscribed by a housing promoter in order to certify the compensation of material damages due to the defects that could appear in the constructed buildings. Or in case of expenses for destruction caused by natural accidents.

Fire insurance

Covers expenses in case of fire, for those homes with a mortgage loan.

Unemployment insurance

Although Social Security covers the unemployment of workers in the event of any incident, it never hurts to have a private unemployment insurance that complements this pension for the time necessary to find another job.

Labor rights insurance

If you are going to start a business or company, you should acquire this policy. It certifies that the labor rights set forth in the collective bargaining agreements in favor of the company’s employees are complied with.

Savings and theft insurance

These are two different insurances, but they are essential to take care of and protect your assets. One provides indemnity in case of damage or loss of assets due to theft and the other in case of death.

Tuition insurance

If you have children, this insurance will cover the expenses related to the child’s education in the event of the death of the financial guardian.

Other mandatory insurance

In addition to these, there are other insurances that are compulsory in Spain, but these are special and are not required by everyone.

These are insurances for sportsmen, for health professionals, for school carriers, hunting insurances or in case of ownership of a dangerous animal, insurances for pleasure boats or ship owners, for elevator maintenance, for insurance brokers, travel agencies, promoters of bullfighting festivities or pyrotechnic shows.

There are also compulsory insurances in case of forest fires, extraordinary risks, agricultural work, nuclear damage, construction and sale of houses, clinical trials, hunting, handling of toxic waste.


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Taking out insurance without papers in Spain

There are some insurers in Spain that offer contracts to undocumented foreigners in the country, that is, to people who can only present a passport. Not all of them allow this, but some such as Adeslas, Asisa, Sanitas and Aegon give us the possibility of insuring these products only with a passport and with an annual payment.

Normally this type of insurance is requested to be able to process the formalization documents to live in Spain either for work, studies or for continued residence. This is a private health insurance with full coverage for those who are not entitled to social security.


Whether we are traveling or moving, it is important that we take foresight in case of any unforeseen event, so as not to have a bad time or even extreme complications.

If you are looking for an insurance policy adapted to your needs, count on TAS Consultancy or contact one of our advisors through tasconsultoria@tas-sl.es or by calling +34 93 737 75 25.


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