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Importance of health tech and its impact on today’s world

Technology has become the main course in the current scenario. That is why over the last decade new aspects have emerged in the area of medicine supported by technology, which have represented a breakthrough for health, one of them is the so-called “Health Tech”. A promising sector in which many startups are investing great efforts. Are you ready to meet them?

What is Health Tech?

Health Tech represents a major breakthrough in the world of medicine that, when combined with technology, simplifies so many things and can save lives.

To conceptualize this term, it is the use of technology through innovative tools in the field of healthcare. In simple terms it is the combination of health and technology or also called “health technology”.

Health Tech goes hand in hand with the knowledge of doctors and health professionals regarding their diagnoses and treatments, and the use of technological applications that allow monitoring through different devices the conditions, pathologies and situation of patients, promoting access to greater quantity and quality of information.

The WHO has commented, through its web portal, that they are in constant collaboration with medical professionals and developers of software, devices and digital health systems to ensure that Health Tech can contribute to the medical field in a positive way in the short and long term.

Technology is present in everything, and what better way than to apply it to medicine.

Health Tech is currently facing the situation we are experiencing due to Covid-19. This scenario has only made these technologies evolve rapidly and constantly.

It could be said then that, within all the bad that the pandemic situation has brought, it also spurred further growth for the future of medicine.


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Health Tech Advantages

Today, without realizing it, we already make use of Health Tech, most medical procedures involve some technology.

Whether it’s a 3D echo to look at your baby’s face, monitoring your heart rate with a sports watch or the use of implants, they are a fervent example of how technology has revolutionized the healthcare system.

Here are some of the advantages of Health Tech.

  • Through its use, unnecessary consultations that sometimes overcrowd health centers are avoided.

  • Significantly reduces waiting times compared to a health care center

  • Helps to instill self-care in patients and responsibility in the application of treatments

  • Promotes less invasive methods for certain studies

  • Promotes a prevention scheme through mobile applications that inculcate healthy lifestyle habits

  • It allows, through monitoring with high-tech devices, to detect various pathologies in a more accurate way.

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Health Tech and the health sector in Spain

Health will always be an issue of global concern and that is why Health Tech will continue to project quite well into the future.

Despite the different circumstances we are experiencing, technological growth in Europe continues to advance and continues to grow solidly and steadily.

Digital health accounts for a significant part of investment and, although there is still a long way to go, at least in Spain, there is a clear interest among investors in betting on digital health.

More than 50% of venture capital funds in Spain have invested in this sector since 2019, and with the arrival of the pandemic also comes the need to accelerate the expansion and massification of healthcare digitization.

The truth is that investing in this sector ensures a constant demand for products associated with healthcare technology.


There are numerous Startups all over Spain that offer healthcare technology; although, as we mentioned, we are already indirectly familiar with it. These Startups are oriented to the following services:

Applications for monitoring and follow-up of patients with chronic diseases:

They allow a detailed history and follow-up of the symptoms and their behavior in patients with various diseases, thus having a more practical control without leaving home.

Online consultation services:

These include online medical consultation services, medical comparators as well as search engines for health professionals according to location and area required.


Sale of monitoring devices for patients with various pathologies, such as pulse counter watches linked to cell phones, sugar meters, among others.


These are, just to mention some of the services offered by Startups in Spain and we are sure that the list is quite short for all the benefits of healthcare technology.

However, if you want more detailed information, here is the top 10 of the best Startups in Spain in terms of Health Tech.


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Top 10 Health Tech Startups in Spain

  1. Saluspot : interactive community of physicians and patients

  2. Nutrino: is a mobile application oriented to offer advice to create healthy eating habits, either because you have a particular pathology or because you want to change your lifestyle.

  3. DyCare : this startup is basically intended for support and guidance purposes regarding traumatology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and rheumatology.

  4. SocialDiabetes : as its name suggests, it is an app for diabetic patients that allows detailed monitoring of their treatments, meals, glucose levels, among others.

  5. Exovite: is an application that combines different technologies for the development of prototypes in trauma immobilization systems.

  6. IQ-Brain : is a tool oriented to neurological diseases.

  7. RenalHelp: it is a very important social network in which there is access to a database of specialists in the renal area as well as support tools for patients with a renal condition and their families.

  8. Stat: This startup specializes in establishing improvements in molecular and immunological diagnostics.

  9. BitBrain Technologies: is a company aimed at producing wearable devices designed to measure people’s neural activity.

  10. Primum: this startup is oriented to offer greater comfort with respect to patient travel, allowing the execution of interactive consultations through the development of cloud technologies; where the patient interacts directly with his or her doctor.

All these startups show us every day that investing in them is investing in the future. We are talking about an innovative market that definitely deserves a lot of attention today.

Health Tech in times of Pandemic

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, many sectors have taken a step forward, and it has generated a change of scheme at the educational, business and in each of us as individuals.

It has also constituted a turning point worldwide in health, economic and social aspects. The health situation and confinement have forced us to prioritize new technologies and make greater use of them, and health is no exception.

With the current situation, companies are choosing to bet and invest in the Health Tech sector, and the existing ones have been placing the greatest of their efforts in meeting the needs of patients with different pathologies, including Covid-19, through Telemedicine, monitoring applications and artificial intelligence.

During 2020 and 2021, at the onset and resurgence of waves of contagion, Spain was able to act effectively to deal with this state of alarm, in which health technology was essential and decisive in the fight against the disease.

This sector has become of a strategic nature, being a key point at the moment of assuming this hard challenge that we all have to face, climbing little by little within the Spanish society in support, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients and health professionals.

However, despite the efforts, it is necessary to elaborate and develop a strategy for the Health Tech sector that is decisive and capable of meeting an ever-increasing demand, increased by the situation brought about by the pandemic.

This is where the companies associated with the area must pave the way for investment and digital transformation of their processes in order to adapt to the current needs of the healthcare sector.

Digital transformation is the now and as long as it represents an advantage and improvements in quality of life it will be welcomed.

Healthcare technology shows considerable advances and will continue to increase in order to renew the current structure of the Spanish healthcare system.  Investment interest is growing and existing Health Tech solutions are increasingly in demand from patients who are looking for novelty and practicality.


When we talk about Health Tech, as you may have noticed, we are referring to a new world that is opening up, not only in the medical field, but in a general way and that, with plans and strategies led by professionals in the field, medicine can make a huge leap in technological innovation.

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