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[DIGITAL KIT] How to choose your digitizing agent?

In the wake of the pandemic, the government decided to support the digitization of SMEs through its Digital Kit program. Since it is possible that many businesses are at an early stage of digitization and it is also likely that they do not know service providers of this type, it recently published a list of digitization agents that can carry out such digitization work. Do you want to know how to choose the right digitization agent for your company? Here we tell you, come on!

What is the Digital Kit Program?

The Digital Kit program, financed by the European Union, is part of the plans of the Spain Digital Agenda 2025. It is expected to help more than 1 million Spanish companies that are outside the digital system and need access to the right tools to boost their digitalization.

One of the difficulties faced by companies, in fact, is the cost of such digitization. Small companies, micro-enterprises and the self-employed often have low billings, which often do not allow them to afford the expenses required for a digital transformation. That is when the Digital Kit 2022 Program comes into action, to solve this problem by subsidizing these costs.

Another reason for the Digital Kit Program is the lack of knowledge on the subject of digital transformation on the part of companies. Many self-employed or self-employed microenterprises do not have digital habits, do not use the Internet or use it very little or have difficulties to address and understand these issues.

In view of this, the Kit Digital Program aims to be one of the keys to Spain’s economic recovery in recent years. This is based on providing technology to the country’s SMEs and self-employed workers, who account for more than 95% of the business fabric, with a view to improving business productivity and increasing business competitiveness.

Why do you need a digitizing agent?

In this case, a digitizing agent is one that has managed to meet the requirements of the Digital Kit Program and, therefore, is included in the catalog of agents offered by the program.

That said, to be a digitalizing agent, the company must have sufficient experience in providing digital services and solutions to small businesses and self-employed workers and also have the ability to provide guidance and advice on technological matters.

In itself, what the Digital Kit Program seeks through its digitalizing agents is to offer new business opportunities to SMEs and freelancers who carry out their activities in the sector.

This being so, the company-agent relationship turns out to be a win-win system for both parties. SMEs and freelancers pursuing their digitization do not have to complicate their search for professionals capable of doing what they need, and digitizing agents dedicated to the ICT field have a good opportunity to attract new customers.


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How do you know which is the ideal digitizing agent for your company?

Every freelancer, microenterprise or SME should have a list of characteristics that their ideal digitizing agent should have. If you do not have it, then we tell you the characteristics that should have that ideal travel companion on your way to digitization:

Extensive technology expertise and the ability to offer complete digitization

It is necessary that the digitizing agent you choose has the ability to perform a complete analysis of your company and advise you on the services in which you should invest to achieve the transformation you are looking for and become more competitive.

Thus, experience in digital work environments, virtual office services and tools, cybersecurity solutions or digital process management will be among the most valued features, as well as those that generate the most value to your company.

Years of experience

Years of experience in the technology market will help you to know and be sure of their track record and professionalism. It is important that you check their experience in the area, because in the boom of the birth of these aids there are many digitizers that, after being hired, leave much to be desired.

Number of projects completed

The number of developed and completed projects the company has can give you useful clues about the type of company it is. Pay attention to whether there are many or few projects, whether they belong to the same sector or to different ones. Something that can be of great help to you: search the internet for these projects and investigate if they are what they claim to be and how they turned out.

Remember, the catalog of projects that your digitizing agent has can guide you and give you an idea of what yours will be like if you go hand in hand with him/her.

Number and type of customers

This aspect goes hand in hand with the previous one, another thing you can look for before hiring a Kit Digital digitizing agent is the type and number of clients they have in their portfolio.

They don’t have to be known, that’s not the point, but there should be variety and a minimum number with which you can get an idea and have confidence. After all, you would trust them with your digital project.

Team of professionals

If possible, you should check the number of workers in the digitizing company, as well as their specialization and training.


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What digital solutions should a digitizing agent offer you?

Digitizing agents on the list created by the Digital Kit Program must comply with a series of resources and services that are included in their plan and will be covered by the bonus. These are:

Website and Internet presence

The purpose of this service is to promote the presence of SMEs and freelancers on the Internet through a website where customers can access the services and products offered by the company.

In addition to the website, services will be offered to improve the basic positioning on the Internet. To be more specific:

  • Web design

  • Domain

  • Accessibility

  • Hosting

  • Responsive design

  • Basic SEO optimization for search engines, etc.


This assistance from the Digital Kit consists of the design and development of an e-commerce platform that facilitates the purchase and sale of the company’s products and/or services. In this sense, the solutions and services to be offered by the digitalizing agent are the following:

  • Development of an e-commerce platform.

  • Configuration and integration of options for digital and physical shipment of marketed products.

  • Inclusion of payment methods.

It should be noted that this service must be added to the service already mentioned for web pages.

Social media management

Since they are channels that allow interaction with existing and potential customers, the management of social networks offered by digitalizing agents must include:

  • Social networking strategies.

  • Network monitoring or periodic measurement, including benchmarking metrics of content impact.

  • Network optimization and/or Social Media Audit.

  • Social platform management, i.e., administration of the company’s profile in at least one social network.

Customer service management

This service includes the integration of an IT solution to digitize and optimize customer relationship management. In other words, it is a CRM. It is essential that it fulfills the function of facilitating the creation of both automated and manual commercial actions, as well as reporting, planning and commercial follow-up.

In addition, it includes other digital solutions such as:

  • Process management or automation of operational and productivity-related processes.

  • Application of Business Intelligence and analytics for the management and use of company data to improve decision making.

  • Electronic invoicing.

  • Virtual office services and tools that promote collaborative work among team members.

  • Basic and advanced cybersecurity for company devices and employees.

Spanish SMEs, as well as other types of companies in the territory, put a lot at stake when choosing the company in charge of helping them move forward in the digital world. For many companies, after hiring a digitalization agent, everything becomes a before and after.

The Digital Kit Program is a great opportunity to acquire the digital tools that are vital for businesses to endure in the digital era.


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