Empadronamiento: Registering in Spain

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Empadronarse in Spain has proven to be a very useful procedure with time. It might help you with a lot of things in the country. But, first of all, what is “empadronarse”? Find out below.


What is “empadronarse”?

In a nutshell, empadronarse is to register an address associated with one’s personal information in the corresponding municipality.

All the people who live in a certain municipality should be registered in the municipal registry. As a foreigner this step is very important, because it can help you with a lot of paperwork.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how your status in Spain affects your empadronamiento, and the answer is “in no way”. The municipal registry does not check on the migratory status of the people, they only include them in the registry.


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How do I register?

To be able to get your empadronamiento certificate you need to fill out an online form and ask for an appointment first.

During the online registration process you will be able to choose the corresponding municipality, according to the address of the place you are currently living in; this means, you’ll choose the office that is closest to you.

Necessary documents for the “empadronamiento”

You do not need a lot of documents for this process. Even if the documentation is minimal, you need to pay attention to it for your trip and your appointment not to go to waste.

Make sure you take the following with you on your appointment’s date:

  • A printout of the page you got after registering on the official website.

  • Passport (original and photocopy). If you’re registering as a family you need original and photocopy of each of the member’s passports and documents that prove the bond.

  • Rental contract agreement.Ideally your name and the landlord’s must be stated and both signatures must appear. If you’re rooming up with someone who has a previous contract you’ll need an authorization from that person, a copy of the rental contract and this person’s identification document.

After you complete this process it ia all done, you are officially empadronado.


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What does it mean to be “empadronado”?

Once you register you’re declaring before the Spanish public administration that your main residence is located in Spanish territory.

Proclaiming yourself as a Spanish resident by doing this registration legally binds you to the payment of the Individual Income Tax or Personal Income Tax. Whatever the reason for you to be considering registration, you must keep this in mind.


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If you still have doubts about this process or you have a particular case, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts. We are here to help you, we’re TAS Consulting your trusted partner in Spain.


Published on par Jonatan Carbonell

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