Corporate Culture: How Important Is It and How To Achieve It

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corporate cultureBusiness & Management guru –  Peter Drucker - famously said “culture eats strategy for breakfast” . This quote demonstrates the real importance of implementing a strong corporate culture . This is especially true nowadays since often companies can no longer solely rely on salary as a way to recruit the best employees. So, how should you decide on a corporate culture that will bring about significant growth for your business?

What Is Corporate Culture?

In Silicon Valley, corporate culture is considered to be the single most important thing when launching a start-up company as well as for business growth.

Just as some may suggest using Facebook or Google, today, in a business environment as competitive as ours, corporate culture has developed into a tool for differentiation and competition.

Therefore, this culture is a representation of your company for your investors, your employees etc. As well as this form of communication, corporate culture is also vital for conversing vis-a-vis any clients and/or potential investors.

How To Build Your Corporate Culture

Corporate culture must correspond to your company’s long term goals. This means that a culture that works within one company, may well not in another. A corporate culture is always unique to that company. The boss of a company must think about how best to efficiently integrate a culture around its employees to help them feel better.

Building up a corporate culture mostly hinges on recruitment within the firm. Bear in mind that every new employee who enters your company, poses the risk of disturbing the company cohesion and balance and therefore, in turn, your corporate culture.

Thus, recruitment is the most important step in terms of your business management.

This means that really the challenge lies in recruiting employees who truly are a good fit for the company and its corporate culture. In this way, you can avoid any new employees hindering the smooth functioning of the company.

Therefore, you should develop a successful recruiting system and process that is not solely based on the skills and experience of a candidate. Instead, you should add factors in such as how they perceive a situation and how well the person fits in with what the company stands for.

However, corporate culture must also match the vision and values of the entrepreneur himself. It is in this sense that all corporate cultures are unique – due to the connection with the head of the company, it becomes original and tailored to the company.

Ultimately, the goal for corporate culture should be that employees can identifty with it, take ownership of it and develop for themselves.

Corporate culture is a daily job that your management team must strive to pursue consistently in order to provide and sustain a perfect cohesion which can best fulfill your defined business aims and move forward as a company together.


Published on par Jonatan Carbonell

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