Barcelona, European Economical Center

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Barcelone-centre-économique-européenThe capital of the Spanish region Cataluña points out to be a dynamic business area: the number of entrepreneur starting up a business in Barcelona is constantly increasing.

The city indeed offers numerous assets for business purposes: Barcelona provides a high quality of life to entrepreneurs; it shows an economic dynamism and strong reaction toward the crisis and has a geographical and suitable economic environment for companies.

Lets consider Barcelona business characteristics

First of all, with more than one million and half of inhabitants, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. It is located on the Mediterranean cost, really close to the French frontier: only two hours by car.

Characterized by the low activity of the primary sector, Barcelona has a highly diversified economy. The region of Cataluña counts the quarter of the Spanish exports and the city gather three quarters out of all the industrial companies of the region.

Whereas Barcelona used to be a great Spanish industrial power, the region experienced a significant increase of the service sector, due essentially to the development of the tourism over the last years. The tourism activity of Barcelona has not stopped increasing for a dozen years, making the field become a mainstay of the Spanish economy. Barcelona counts over than 7 million tourists per year and the field creates 100 000 jobs and an income up to 22 million euros. In 2011, for the first time, the Catalan companies exported more to the international than to the other Spanish regions. Moreover, in the same period, more than 7000 companies were created in Cataluña. This turns Barcelona into the first city in terms of society creations. 

Barcelona port is also one of the most active in Europe. It is the first touristic port in Europe and the fifth of the world. Its impact on the Spanish economy is significant and contributes to the international development of the country. The port constitutes a major asset for entrepreneurs and promotes the formation of a commercial activity in Spain.

At the moment, Barcelona points out to be one of the biggest business centers of the world and welcomes numerous conferences and shows dedicated to entrepreneurs. It offers a favorable environment to create a company.

The 2011 « Global cities competitiveness » ranking, published by The Economist, reveals the ninth position of Barcelona in the ranking of business global appealing cities.

Barcelona is then a great city to create a business and take advantage of the Spanish environment and taxation system. 

Published on par Jonatan Carbonell

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  1. Mary says:

    Love Barcelona! It’s a great place for living and business.

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