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5 foreign businesses that do not exist in Spain you can invest in

Foreign businesses that do not exist in Spain

Each country has specific businesses that exist to meet the needs of the communities they serve. However, there are businesses that transcend worldwide, but do not yet exist in Spain and can make a positive impact. If you want to know which are the foreign businesses that do not exist in Spain and in which you can invest, stay with us until the end, because we will talk about this topic in depth, join us!

Why is Spain a good country to start a foreign business? 

Spain is a perfect place to start up new investments, as the country lives in the trend of creating new ventures. No matter what the idea is, how valuable it is, or what it is about. 

What really matters is that people want to start a business. Therefore, one of the most relevant options in recent years is to bring businesses that do not exist in Spain. Moreover, it is necessary for the growth of the market that these businesses respond to previously unexplored demands.

Look at it this way, if you invest in a business of this type, you can become a pioneer of a business model that is not on the market. Not to mention the unique market opportunity for you and your venture.

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5 characteristics that make Spain the best country for entrepreneurship

There are a lot of foreign businesses that do not exist in Spain. However, that does not mean that Spain is not an attractive country to start or bring in new businesses for several reasons. Check them out below!

It is these characteristics that make Spain a country with great potential for foreign businesses looking to expand into Europe and its market.

5 reasons to import foreign businesses to Spain

Importing foreign businesses to Spain can have several benefits for the economy and society in general. Some reasons why this is important are:

Foreign businesses that do not exist in Spain

Taking the above aspects into account, importing foreign businesses to Spain can be a way to boost economic growth, foster innovation and improve competitiveness. As a consequence, the benefits for society in general and for you as an entrepreneur will always increase.

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What are the foreign businesses that do not exist in Spain?

There are many businesses that do not exist in Spain or that, perhaps, are not considered important. However, they are still a starting point to begin to restructure some services that you may think of providing. For example, some of the businesses that do not exist in the country are:

Appear marketplace for pop-up stores

Among many of the other foreign businesses that exist, perhaps one of the most important and that should be brought to the country, is to organize Pop Up events. This idea proposes to look for places that are made available to some brands that want to sell in them and can be connected via the web.

This phenomenon is ephemeral in nature and serves as a way for certain brands to try something new. Imagine working as an agency for stores that want to experiment with this. What if instead of selling your products in your traditional store, you opened one from scratch, but only open for a few days?

The pop-up store is a kind of showroom or gallery that invites the public to purchase certain products that will only be available for a few days. This unleashes a sense of urgency like that of Black Friday.

E-commerce of glasses lenses at low costs

It seems like one of the least necessary ideas among foreign businesses, but it is an idea that can be very beneficial. Especially since there are many people who tend to change graduation every so often. As a result, it generates an abundant market.

The idea arose from the public’s need to change glasses without having to spend on a new frame. Moreover, it is a business that does not represent any loss for the investors. 

Rental of strollers, scooters, travel cribs and maxi-cosis.

City Strollers, another foreign company that does not exist in Spain, falls into this category. This brand distributes products for families traveling with their children through prestigious hotels.

The basic idea of this company is to serve leisure and satisfy the needs that arise during a hotel stay. Moreover, its innovative character is undeniable. No other company in the entire European market has been so willing to innovate its services.

Businesses that act as intermediaries between local products and restaurants

It consists of facilitating restaurants and businesses that can directly purchase their food, whether organic or gourmet. The most famous of this type of business is the Food Orbit, a platform that facilitates restaurants and businesses to acquire such products. 

In addition, it represents a direct relationship between the farmers and the staff in charge of purchasing their products in restaurants.

Platforms that manage repairs in rented homes 

Spain is one of the countries where many people live in rented apartments. Therefore, it is often the case that they must contact the landlord to discuss any repairs that need to be made to the apartment.

This is really a business that does not exist in Spain. The most famous one in the world is Rente Fixter, which is an application that helps any tenant to get in direct contact with the owner and the operator whenever they need to address any problem in their rented property. 

5 foreign chain companies that are not in Spain 

As we showed you before, there are several foreign businesses that do not exist in Spain. In addition to those mentioned above, there are also many restaurant and supermarket chains that you cannot find in the country. Some of them are:

Foreign businesses that do not exist in Spain

It is important to keep in mind that this situation may change over time. This is because foreign companies may decide to expand into any market.

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Do you want to try and open your own business in Spain? Why don’t you try foreign businesses that do not exist in Spain? Contact our TAS Consultancy team, we will help you to open your own business in a few hours. Write us an email to and ask for your free advice, our team will be happy to help you.

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