Social Management of your company in Spain

In addition to tax and account management, TAS Consultoria offers social management services to your company.

Our team of experts will provide you great human resources skills to guarantee the selection and recruitment of your employees in Spain. They will then deliver the employment contracts and the monthly pay slips. Forget all the legal constraints associated to the recruitment of your staff in Spain, our labor lawyers will take care of everything !

Our experts will take charge of all the administrative procedures to recruit employees, such as social security enrollment. In case of lay-off or retirement of one of your employee, our team will proceed to all the formalities.

Social Management Services in Spain

  • Selecting and recruiting of employees in Spain
  • Employment contracts
  • Pay slips
  • Administrative procedures for hiring employees
  • Defining salaries for your employees
  • Income tax return for your employees
  • Procedures following a lay-off or retirement
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Our commitments

  1. Assistance to help you move to Spain
  2. A direct contact to talk to
  3. Optimization of your assets in Spain
  4. Additional services for all the family
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