Our services for individuals

With proven experience in administrative management and thanks to numerous qualities, TAS Consultoria helps managers to start a business in Spain by offering high quality services to provide solutions adapted to their needs and to their activity.

When starting a business in Spain, you will have to find an apartment, find offices, open a phone line, enroll to the city council, etc. Most of these procedures will have to be done before launching your business.

If you don’t speak Spanish (or just a little bit), TAS Consultoria will guide you through administrative procedures to make sure you are aware of all the details that really matter. From looking for private housing to negotiating sales contracts, you must be surrounded by professionals with good legal knowledge who can communicate with you in your own language.

Our team will come with you to support your company with our most important values: confidentiality, efficiency, creativity and innovation.

Services for individuals

  • Getting a NIE (foreigners identification number)
  • Looking for an apartment or an office and opening a phone and internet line
  • Requesting a number plate in Spain for a foreign vehicle
  • Enrolling to social security or health insurance for the family
  • Looking for schools for the children
  • Translating contracts
  • Translating contracts
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Our commitments

  1. Assistance to help you move to Spain
  2. Optimization of your assets in Spain
  3. Additional services for all the family
  4. A direct contact to talk to
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