Do you want to create a holding company in Spain ? The ETVE Pack is for you !

Pack holding

In Spain, holding companies are called Entidades de Tenencia de Valores Extranjeros (ETVE), which are entities that own shares from other companies. This kind of company is similar to Dutch or Luxembourgish holding companies. Its tax arrangements are one of the most attractive in Europe. We guarantee the creation of your holding company in Spain within 24 hours with only 1 trip to Barcelona. During the day that you will spend in Barcelona, one of our consultants will accompany you to help you get through all the procedures at the Spanish administration.

Our tax and legal experts will work on your project to create a holding company in Spain to put together the business that perfectly meets your expectations. Our specialists in Spanish taxation will advise you to optimize your taxation field in Spain.

All of the attorney and Trade Register fees are included in the price of our Pack.

Since now one year, I use services provided by TAS Consultoria and I am completely satisfied with their reliability, efficiency, and speed of execution. The consultants of TAS Consultoria also accompanied me for personal steps such as obtaining resident certificates for all my family

Patrice Fernandez | PEGASE CONSULTING, renewable energy and environmental technology

What includes the ETVE Pack ?

  • Support for all the administrative procedures
  • Getting your NIE (Identification number for foreigners)
  • Designation of a new administrator
  • Declaration of changes to the Trade Register and to the Spanish tax administration
  • Creation of 2 bank accounts: individual and professional
  • Communication of arrangements to the Spanish tax administration
  • Signature in front of an attorney to sell social parts
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